Why Take An English lesson in Singapore ?

Why Take An English lesson in Singapore ?

Today, the importance of English language cannot be denied. If there is anything that surrounds us at all times, it is the English language and it’s impact. From all official documents to 2 kids simply conversing, it is a language that surrounds us at all times, whether we recognise it or not. However there are still certain places where English is not as popular. Places such as Singapore which have not been impacted by the english culture still have their roots and native culture intact. However this does not mean that 新加坡英文课程 (English lesson in Singapore ) are not as popular as anything else. Let us understand what is the importance of English as a language in countries that do not speak English primarily.

The impact of english on a global scale


We all know the importance of the English language. Everywhere we go, we find it. From the most important official documents, to normal kids saying the first words of their lives, English and it’s usage can be found everywhere. People all across the world realise that being well versed with this language opens up a lot of possibilities for their children. This is why even the population that lives in countries where the native language isn’t English, tends to ensure that their children become well versed with the language. This entire phenomenon has been monetised greatly. One can find English coaching and tuition centres in almost hundreds if not thousands, in their own locality only. Not only this but English tuition varies in the fee it charges from place to place. If you are someone who wishes to learn written or spoken English, then you can find a tuition service for as little as 100 rs per hour or even as much as 800-900 per hour.

Even English is divided further into two parts, spoken and grammar. What you need to learn, depends on the purpose you are learning English for. If you are supposed to draft up documents for your job, or fulfil any other official obligation then you need to learn English grammar. However, if you are planning to shift to a new country where English is the primarily spoken language, then you must learn spoken English. It would be very correct and safe to say that English as a language has broken national barriers and helped bring the world together. This intangible asset serves as a global bridge

July 2024