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Does anyone know where I can find an affordable SEO agency?

I really need some professional help to increase my website’s rankings on Google’s results pages, but all the SEO companies I have found so far offer services outside of my budget. I currently own a very small online business and I really don’t have thousands of dollar a month to through at a managed search engine marketing campaign, even if such a campaign could generate great results. I am ideally looking for a company that will let me scale up my investment in online marketing services as my customer base grows.

One of the main reasons why I’m having a hard time ranking on SERP for various keywords is because all my chosen keywords have a lot of competition. Every time I increase my ranking one or two places, a few days later, my position is immediately overtaken by my competitors. I am sure some of my main rivals are tracking all of my online promotion efforts and using the data to their advantage. I really need to hire a professional SEO agency who can help me to analyze and capitalize on the marketing methods of my competitors. Perhaps I really need to rethink the keywords I am trying to rank for. That said, I know those keywords are used in search queries by people who are almost guaranteed to be interested in buying the products my website sells. 

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One of the areas of online promotion that I know little about is local search and geo targeted search results. Since my website sells products to a global audience, I’m not sure how much local search could help me. However, I have been reading a few SEO tips articles and all of the professionals seem to be suggesting that optimizing for local search results is essential for all online businesses in 2018. To be honest, however, I don’t really know which locations I would try to rank for. Do I just choose all the main cities in the world? As I said before, I am marketing my products to a worldwide audience.

I understand that creating high-quality backlinks is still a very effective SEO technique. However, I am having trouble finding enough time to create lots of unique content for guest posting. I am also having difficulty making connections with the right people in order to guest post on the best websites and blogs. My hope is that a good SEO agency can help with my content marketing strategies as well. I have thought about hiring some freelance writers, but the rates are too hire. I really need to find a budget content service provider. Of course, I still need the content to be of reasonable quality as I don’t want poorly written, inaccurate content to reflect badly on my business.

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Anyway, my plans for this year are to at least triple last year’s sales figures and see my website ranking in the number one position on SERP for at least five or six targeted keywords. After all, it’s important to have ambitious goals. Find more information here:

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