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In order to maintain a beautiful, green lawn, it is important to maintain it. People mow, fertilize and water their lawns on a regular basis for this purpose. Once in a while, one should Aerate their lawn so as to allow it to breathe. We shall look at when to aerate a lawn in Ohio.

Aeration is done by poking some holes into the soil so as to allow an amount of moisture, light, nutrients and air to penetrate the earth and reach the roots. This is bound to make your lawn healthier. This is done by using special equipment that will create patterns of holes all over the lawn. After the whole process of aeration, the holes simply blend back. Now, a lot of human traffic on the lawn is bound to make the soil compact with time. Add to the fact that a lot of old leaves accumulate on the soil during mowing, thus reducing supply of oxygen and other important factors. Aeration serves to restore the supply of oxygen and nutrients and also removes thatch. You will also want to make the most out of your fertilizer. If the soil is too compact then it will not be easy for the soil to take up much of the nutrients from the fertilizer. Aeration will increase the amount of nutrients that your grass receives from the fertilizer thus reducing the amount of fertilizer needed on your field.

In Ohio, the best time for aeration is fall. Now, most people tend to do this during summer, and this is not helpful because disturbing the soil during the warm months is simply giving it a chance to grow more weeds and make it a potential site for diseases. People will combat this by chemically treating their lawns but the problem is that aeration will render the chemicals almost ineffective. Fall is perfect because the cooler temperatures give the root systems a chance to grow deeper and healthier. It also coincides perfectly with seeding and overseeding practices which will eliminate the need for a total lawn renovation.

Aeration serves to give some life back to your lawn after a long time of walking on it and mowing. It is important to do this from time to time so as to have a perfectly healthy lawn. Aeration will also better prepare your lawn for harsh winter condition. If you can, you could hire a professional to work on your lawn.

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