What does the electrician do and what are his duties

The electrician works as an employee in companies of installation and maintenance of electrical systems ( plant engineering sector), together with other professionals such as cabling, plant engineers and panel builders, or directly at production companies, metalworking companies and industrial realities that provide an internal team of electricians for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities.

In some cases the commercial electrician in Lexington, KY do the speed of analysis and solution of the problem is particularly important because the restoration of full operation must be achieved in the shortest possible time.The electrician knows the electrical and electronic fields and combines manual skills and precision in completing his duties.

The electricians also work on-site: the site electrician takes care of the installation of civil and industrial electrical systems in new buildings and constructions, from the passage of cables to the wiring of the panels, interacting with other workers and technicians present on-site as masons, plumbers and surveyors.

The most common tasks for an electrician are:

  • Designing the drawing of an electrical system
  • Read and interpret wiring diagrams
  • Install civil and industrial electrical systems
  • Do the routine maintenance of electrical systems, appliances and systems
  • Identify and repair faults and malfunctions
  • Test installed and repaired electrical systems
  • Certify that the systems comply with the law

Skills of an Electrician

Electrician jobs often require these skills :

  • Knowledge of electrical engineering
  • Ability to read wiring diagrams and circuit drawings
  • Expertise in the construction, installation and maintenance of electrical systems
  • Expertise in the assembly and wiring of civil and industrial electrical panels
  • Knowledge of the tools and work tools of the electrician
  • Accuracy and good dexterity
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Flexibility and availability for short regional or national trips

An electrician can then decide to specialize in a particular field: for example, in the maintenance of industrial electrical systems, to become responsible for the electrical maintenance of a plant, or in the installation and maintenance of particular machinery and devices, as an elevator operator or as an antenna player.

The skills of the electrician can be used in a variety of contexts (on construction sites, in companies, in industries, in private homes), for interventions on numerous types of electrical systems: from home automation systems to the automation of doors, gates and barriers to radiotelephone, television and antenna systems, from access control systems with badges or fingerprints to photovoltaic systems, up to industrial machinery automation systems.

July 2024