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When you are doing work on your desk, one of the most depressing aspects of being at a desk all day is that you are constantly looking at your screen. In most cases, you are working on your computer, either for school or your job, and you really don’t have a good view of the outside world. There are some people that prefer not looking outside. They are individuals that will pull up a video of nature if they need to see it. However, for those that need to see the outside world, and thrive upon it, you need to consider these many window desk ideas.

Which Window Should You Choose?

Although you are probably limited in regard to which Windows you will have access to, there are two directions that are preferable. First of all, you should have a south facing window, and if that’s not available, you need to have a north facing window. The reason you do not want to have one that is pointed either east or west is that, at some point, the sun is going to be shining directly in your eyes. To avoid that probability from ever happening, it’s better to have a south facing window which will provide you with the most sunlight, and secondarily a north facing window which is very similar. Also checkout some more interesting blogs on our website .

How Close To The Window Should The Desk Be?

The proximity of the desk is always going to be within 1 foot to 2 feet. There is a reason for these distances. First of all, if you have blinds that are on the window, or any type of curtains, you may want to be 2 feet away so that you have room to get back there. If you can reach the blinds from your desk, because it’s not very wide, then it is highly recommended that you push it as close as possible. You may want to leave about 6 inches just to make sure that you have room to grab things that they happen to fall behind.

Is There A Particular Type Of Desk That Works Better Than Others?

It really does not matter what type of desk you have. It could be an older desk that you have had for years, or it could be a new ergonomic desk and that you have recently purchased. All you are worried about is the proximity to the window, and the direction you are facing, plus how far away you’re going to be.

These ideas should give you a rough estimate as to how it will look when you are done. You need to have a window that is facing in a direction where you are not going to be blinded. Conversely, you might be okay with the morning sun, or the setting sun, and would prefer to see this for just that moment of the day. There are people that would prefer that, and if that is what you want, simply position your desk looking the direction that will help you out the most. Read more at .

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