The Ultimate Guide To Missing Tooth Replacement Singapore

Tooth Replacement

A temporary tooth replacement is mainly used during the time of waiting for the dental implant or for a more permanent solution. There are many different types of temporary tooth replacement options that are available. Some of the important facts about missing tooth replacement singapore have been discussed in this article.

missing tooth replacement singapore

Top ways for replacing the missing tooth


Below are some of the important ways to replace the missing tooth:


  1. It can be very embarrassing when someone is missing their front teeth. The removable partial denture is mainly worn during the day. This can mainly replace one or many missing teeth.  Sometimes the partial denture mainly needs metal clasps it help to stay in the mouth.
  2. The temporary denture is mainly a short-term solution for the missing tooth. This is mainly known as a flipper as this mainly flips in and out very easily.  This is mainly used when the tooth will be restored in the future with the help of a bridge or an implant.
  3. The bridge is the perfect option if there are teeth mainly present on either side of the missing tooth. A bridge is mainly a fixed solution that mainly stays cemented in the mouth. This mainly does not come out.
  4. Another popular option for replacing the missing tooth is the implant. This solution mainly feels as well as acts the most like the natural tooth at the time of brushing, chewing, or smiling.  The implant mainly replaces the actual root of the missing tooth as well as heals in the bone for many months.

Top reasons for replacing the missing tooth


Irrespective of the number of teeth someone has missing, it is necessary to get them replaced. If someone is not replacing them, this can cause some other dental issues. This mainly causes the shifting of the teeth as well as can create gaps and bite issues.

The missing tooth can mainly lead to loss of bone strength as well as can cause lower jaw density. The teeth are mainly designed to work together. So missing one or more teeth can mainly impact eating, speech, as well as time cause for some other problems. Missing teeth can mainly change the shape of the face. This can cause the mouth to shift.

To avoid the occurrence of these issues it is necessary to consult with the dentist to find the best option for the tooth replacement.

These are some of the important facts to know about the replacement of the missing tooth.

April 2024