The Differences Between Moonshine and Whiskey You’ll Need To Know

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In the old days, rotgut, bathtub gin, popskull, corn liquor, and white lightning were the old names of true moonshine alcohol. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) doesn’t provide an official name for moonshine, so it is normally called the other or specialty spirit group. This moonshine and whiskey is manufactured in a homemade stock on the mason jar.

The word moonshine is alcohol manufactured illegally and called white lightning or white whiskey. Additionally, the whiskey is legally produced all over the world. The whiskey needs a maturing process, unlike moonshine that does not. What would be the difference between moonshine and whiskey?

These are the differences include:

  • Tax and legality of the brand.

Moonshine is an alcoholic liquor made illegally to avoid the permit needed for whiskey. On the other hand, the manufacturer of whiskeys is all over the world, with 25 countries producing whiskey.

  • Based on the product.

Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic beverage made by fermented grain mash and the moons  hine made from grain, although corn is the common ingredient. The farmers love to drink alcohol and cultivate whiskey distillation.

  • The production methods.

The process of whiskey is the fermentation of grains, and fruits, distillation, blending the neutral spirits, and storage barrels. The simple method of moonshine only needs sugar, yeast, water, and cornmeal.

  • Aging process

Whiskey is a distilled spirit that needs aging. When aged in the barrel the flavorings make different mixtures. On the other hand, there’s no age needed in  moonshine; it only stores in jars for 3-4 months.

  • Changes of color

After being distilled, the moonshine is frequently colorless and clear in appearance. On the other hand, the whiskey is aged in the barrel and becomes golden brown like rum. Whiskey should be aged inside the barrel before becoming whiskey.

  • Tasting notes

Moonshine is fermented from corn mash and distilled into alcohol, the result is strong taste but the moonshine is high-proof alcohol and content. Moonshine’s alcohol content is 40-60%, but it changes up to 60- 80% content of alcohol.

  • The whiskey tastes like smokey, oaky, sweet, and fruity like beer it results good combination of such as:
    • ginger alae
    • lemon juice
    • soda water
    • sweet vermouth
    • club soda
    • coca cola
    • coffee
    • amaro
    • apple cider
    • hot tea
  • Price

A bottle of moonshine costs around $22 – $30 and the bottle of whiskey is about $20- $500, the other cost is less than $20 and the other is more than $500.

April 2024