Manual equipment to clean

Although mechanized floor cleaning is more efficient and longer lasting, manual equipment is often preferred.Manual cleaning with mop and mop is faster and more precise, especially in the most difficult to reach points.

For manual cleaning, IPC offers Curvy , the innovative quick, efficient and ergonomic floor cleaning system. Thanks to the intuitive « S- shaped movement », Curvy drastically reduces the tension exerted on the operator’s shoulders, arms and wrists, thus ensuring correct posture. The ultra-light handle is available in two versions, telescopic and therefore height-adjustable or 3 pieces; while the sturdy and resistant aluminum frame is available in two sizes of 40 cm or 60 cm. The Curvy system can be used in conjunction with the Liner, a device to be interposed between the frame and the spare part to exploit the entire surface of the cloth in contact with the floor, thus optimizing its yield. As for the cloths to be used, even the disposable ones are certainly suitable for cleaning floors commercial floor cleaning services in Calgary.


In the trial of stubborn mud, for deep cleaning of joints and tiles, there is nothing more effective than steam ! Thanks to the high temperatures, the steam guarantees a deep and long-lasting clean on all surfaces, even without the use of chemical detergents. Steam generators can be used in various pleas such as clearing sanitary ware, upright grounds, glasses and mattresses, as well as cleaning floors.IPC offers SG-10 , a portable steam cleaner with a compact design made for professionals and cleaning operators. Extremely versatile, SG-10 can be used alone or in combination with the Hygiene PT04 multipurpose trolley, transforming itself into a real integrated workstation to optimize cleaning results.


Finally, another fundamental tool for cleaning is definitely the vacuum purifier that eliminates dirt and sediments from the ground and grounds such as coverings. The new range of LP vacuum cleaners is designed to guarantee excellent cleaning results on all types of surfaces. Available in two versions, 12 liters or 16 liters, the LP vacuum cleaner is the perfect combination of design and functionality. Lightweight and compact, it is extremely easy to move and park thanks to the comfortable handle.

The decisive factors for choosing a scrubbing machine

The floor cleaning , especially in older homes, is often the most difficult of household cleaning activity. A machine such as a scrubbing machine can be very useful to reduce not only the effort but also the time dedicated to cleaning these surfaces.

April 2024