Make and enjoy your favorite dish at home

new york hot dog

Cooking is the best activity that you can do relax your life. Like adding flavors to the food, you could reduce the stress in life. If you want to eat your favorite dish Hot dog, then you don’t have to visit nearby restaurant or order the food. You can try the dish at home. It can be so fun and also you could cook with your partner or kids that would make your day so special. It increase your bond with your family when you plan to cook.

Hot dog is the favorite dish of all and everyone would like to involve themselves in preparing the dish. But you should learn the right recipe to prepare the delicious food. You don’t have to prepare the same dish that you find in the local restaurant. You could add anything that you prefer, but you need to follow the steps to prepare the dish properly.

new york hot dog

There are different kinds of sauces used inside the hot dog. But preparing onion sauce is one of the simple way. It requires only simple ingredients like onions, chili powder, honey, cinnamon, hot sauce, kosher salt and black pepper. Most of the ingredients available in your home and you may have to purchase only few ingredients. To prepare hot dogs, you need large beef hot dog, buns, mustard and sauerkraut.

  • To make your dish more delicious you can prepare hot dog with caramelized onions recipe. This is so delicious and you would enjoy the recipe. When it comes to preparing this dish you need to take everything in right quantity. Here are few steps that you should follow to prepare the dish.
  • First, add oil and onion to the saucepan and Saute the onion until few minutes. Next, add honey, cinnamon and chili powder to the onions. Make them mix well and saute them until you smell good flavor.
  • Now, add the water, salt, sauce, pepper and sauce to the cooking onion. Slow down the flame and let them cook for 15 minutes. Your onion sauce is ready and you can make them to cool for some time. You can make in large quantity and can store them for later use.
  • Next, you need to cook hot dog. Add water and add the hot dogs to cook them for five minutes. Check whether the hot dog cooked well. Add mustard to bun, then add onion sauce, sauerkraut and you can also add some flavors or chips you like.
April 2024