Learn More About Saving for Retirement.  

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Retirement should be the start of a new phase of your life. When you retire, you can look forward to a stress-free life of leisure.

Investing in your future is never too early. When you get your first paycheck, most financial advisors recommend saving for retirement. Go and view the Manulife RetireReady review, and you get more about the retirement plan. A timely retirement savings plan will ensure you have enough money in your golden years.

Contact an authorized financial services provider for advice on choosing the best retirement investment plan. Savings, investment, and insurance options abound.

Consider a provident fund.

A provident fund is a savings account made up of your contributions and your employers’ equal contributions during your working years. Upon retirement, you will receive a percentage of your monthly donation.

Your provident savings can be paid out in cash at retirement. Consult your broker to determine the tax implications of your withdrawal. To purchase an annuity, you can use all or part of your accumulated capital.

The money used to buy the annuity is tax-free, but subsequent payments are subject to PAYE and SITE rules in effect at the time of payment.

Benefits of pension funds

A pension fund is an employer-created asset pool. You, the employee, and your employer will all contribute to this account. Once you reach retirement age, you will receive a pension.

Manulife RetireReady review

Up to one-third of your pension value is payable upon retirement. The remaining funds must then be used to purchase an annuity. The tax conditions in effect at the time of payment will affect your lump sum. Annuity purchases, like provident funds, are tax-free.

Your provident or pension fund is the most significant asset you will ever own. A tax-efficient savings account holds these insured funds for your retirement.

Benefits of preservation funds

Pre-retirement cash withdrawals are not permitted.

The funds will be paid out in full to your beneficiaries if you die before retirement age, with less applicable tax deductions.

You can switch investment portfolios.

If you become disabled before the minimum retirement age, you must provide medical evidence to specified parties. You will be classified as an ill-health retiree. Pre-retirement capital transfers are allowed.


A pension or provident fund is a long-term retirement savings plan. An annuity ensures you won’t outlive your assets. These insurance plans guarantee a lifetime income from your pension savings. A retirement annuity (RA) investor can invest as much or as little as they want each year. Investors are free to defer payments until they are needed.

Annuity features and benefits

Retirement annuity eligibility does not require a physical.

In the event of insolvency, your funds will be safe with an annuity plan.

Retirement annuities can be saved as well as spent. Until withdrawn, funds invested in a RA are tax-deferred. Annuity plans can be fixed or inflation-linked. The funds are paid out immediately to each beneficiary if you die. An annuity is purchased for each beneficiary and dependent, ensuring their income.

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