Functions And Responsibilities Of Iso Singapore

Iso Singapore

Iso stands for International Organisation Of Standardization and is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies. It currently boasts 167 members and each member country gets to appoint one organization as their representative. For example, United States Of America has the American National Standards Institute As their representative. The main purpose of iso, is to bring together countries, to determine what shall be the national standards should be in terms of technological advancements and facilities. TheĀ iso singapore headquarters is known to he one of the most stern and rigid of all. The iso is a non governmental organisation which also deals with international standardization of scientific technology and other methods.

iso singapore

What is the process of developing iso standards?

The first and foremost is the proposal stage in which a proposal is drafter towards developing a new standard. Usually the process begins when a consumer group or members of a particular industry make a request. This step is followed by a preparatory stage, where the said group is supposed to work on a new draft for the standard they suggest. After this members of a reviewing committee comprising of subject experts, and stakeholders in the industry sit down and review which is followed by the end stage of the proposal, where all the other members of iso are invited to comment on the proposal and give their vote. If all the members approve, and the draft also fetches the approvals of vital bodies like Final Draft International Standard, then the draft is officially published as the new and acceptable standard. Of course it goes without saying that changing or raising the international standard for any technological procedure is not an easy or cheap procedure and it is definitely not quick. The entire process is extremely time consuming and requires lot of procedures along with heavy paperwork and other formalities.

The iso not only helps it’s member countries but also established order and decorum in a particular industry. Obtaining the iso certification is certainly not an easy task, but obtaining it is worth the hassel. Many brands and industries boast of their products holding an iso certification. It is not merely a stamp on a piece of paper but rather a remark that their product and it’s quality is at par. The international standards also guarantee excellence and consumers can be assured that they are paying for a product that is worth it’s price tag and has amazing quality

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