Excellent Ways to Use Clips in Hair Extensions

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The best part is that they can apply hair extension clips even in the privacy and comfort of your home. It is good to bring the same professional look that more expensive hairdressers offer. If you want to apply a hair extension clip, the first thing to do is organize everything you need and have a precise plan that you can easily follow.

Make sure you have everything you need before you start putting on your hair extension

Before you start applying the hair extension clip, you will need to pack and have all the necessary tools and hair products. Free up space near where you will be working and prepare some large clips to hold your hair, a wide tooth comb for extensions, and a rat tail comb to help divide your hair into sections. You can also keep hairspray and any other styling products you might need on hand. Before starting, make sure your hair extensions are clean and gently comb each strand in turn and loose hair. Now that you have your hair extension ready, you need to prepare your hair with Great Clips prices.

After making sure your extension clip is working, prep your hair to make sure your real hair and extensions go well with each other. Comb out tangled hair and make sure your hair is clean before putting on the hair extension barrette. Apply an extension clip starting at the bottom of the scalp and work your way up. Draw a straight line with a rat tail comb and trim all the hair above this line, so it is out of the way. If your hair is too soft and the clip can’t hold air, you can move the hair below the line you created to give it some friction. To apply a hair extension clip, open all the pins in part and, using the middle clip first, slide it over the root of the hair below the line you made. Press down on the sides of the clamp to secure the extension. Then repeat the procedure with the outer clamps. Follow a straight line, and do not clip on this line. Once the first piece is secured, draw another straight line about an inch above the first line.

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After you’ve applied the hair clip, style your hair to make your creation look more natural. You may need to trim your hair and hair extensions a bit to give it a more natural look. If you need to use a hair dryer and curling iron, be sure to set them. With enough practice, you can quickly and easily attach a hair clip. To keep this as simple as possible, always prepare your workspace first and have whatever groceries you need on hand to help you.

In summary

Prepare your extensions and your hair before applying to make it easier to apply. The last step is to use and style your new hair. Your new set of easy-to-use hair extension clips will soon be a valuable addition to your look and, with proper care, giving you the full, long, luscious locks you’ve always wanted.

April 2024