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Ohio additionally has a fascinating state history. See the snake-formed stylized and entombment hills worked by Native Americans at Serpent Mound. German pioneers once lived in German Village at Columbus, the state’s capital. Did you ever know about Johnny Appleseed? A large number of the plantations in Ohio and Indiana were begun with seeds given to pilgrims by John Chapman, who was otherwise called Johnny Appleseed.

“Ohio” originates from the Iroquois Indian word that signifies “fine or great waterway.” Ohio is nicknamed the “Buckeye State” after the buckeye tree, which used to develop liberally on the state’s slopes and fields and whose seed takes after a deer’s (buck’s) eye. The shortened form for Ohio is OH.

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Ohio is an East North Central state circumscribed by Michigan and Lake Erie toward the north, Pennsylvania toward the east, and Kentucky and West Virginia toward the south. It was the main state from the Northwest Territory to enter the Union. As ahead of schedule as the 1800’s,
Notwithstanding being renowned for individuals who lived there, Ohio is known for its modern yield. Just California and New York outperform the state in that class. This is a direct result of its common assets, including a copious supply of water and huge mineral stores, which incorporate coal and salt. Visit where dirigibles and tires are conceived; Akron, the home of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, was once known as the “Elastic Capital of the World.”

Visit the spots where numerous renowned individuals once lived. John Glenn, another previous congressperson from the state, was the primary American space traveler to hover around the earth. Neil Armstrong, the principal individual to stroll on the moon, was conceived in Wapakoneta. Well known creators from the state incorporate Thomas Edison, Orville Wright, and Charles Kettering, a local of Dayton and the innovator of a self-starter for autos.
The criteria was simple. I excluded any towns that were basically suburbs of bigger cities. This is just for the stand alone cities. Excluded are Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron/Canton, Dayton, Toledo and all of the suburbs of those cities.

1. Marysville – With Scot’s and Honda plants in the area, plus only being a 30 minute drive from Columbus, Marysville gives you a small town feel but keeps you close enough that you can have the big city feel as well.

2. Sandusky – America’s Roller Coast is located on Lake Erie, and is known mostly for Cedar Point. This tourist attraction is one of the biggest in the country. The city is nestled in-between Toledo and Cleveland for easy access.

3. Athens – With the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains taking over most of southeast Ohio, Athens emerges as a welcomed blend of people thanks in large part to Ohio University. The town is a little dead in the summer months, but a variety of activities are available during the school year for all ages.

4. Marietta – Ohio’s oldest city is also one of the state’s best kept secret. Much like Athens, it has a college, albeit a much smaller one. The city is set on the banks of the Ohio River and has a New England feel to it.

5. Circleville – Like Marysville, it is about a half an hour from Columbus. Originally built in the shape of a circle, it ditched that for a more conventional look. However, it is home to the “Greatest Free Show on Earth,” The Pumpkin Show, which brings in close to a million visitors each year in October.

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