5 things to know about balayage hair coloring

Balayage Madrid

Balayage is the famous hair coloring technique, which changed the world’s hair coloring technology. This word is derived from “French”. It means “to sweep”. Before introducing this method, women spent many hours in salons. Foils are applied on their heads and they take a nap. But in recent years, this method has been used by celebrities to make their hair stylish. Blondie is quite popular for Balayage Madrid.

How do these methods vary from highlights?

Highlighting is the process of making your hair highlighted by putting it in a foil section. Though balayage also looks like highlighting, it is different in aspects used for coloring. This method doesn’t involve sectioning of hair; it’s more often done by freehand. Due to this main feature difference, this method beats up the highlighting process and stands on the top. Rather than these features, balayage is more natural, softer, and shiner. Highlighting adds dark color to your hair, but in this method, it makes your stylish color suit your face perfectly.

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How to make it in a proper way?

To get your hair coloring in the proper way, you should follow the steps accurately while doing it on your own. Furthermore, Balayage Madrid is a professional will take care of making the coloring natural and stylish. The steps include

  • Color applied to hair should be continued with equal space between each set. The color must be ticker at the tips and subtle at the roots; they must be faded equally in the center.
  • Make sure the color is applied to the preferred area and not in other areas. The color must be applied to the focused area only, not throughout the hair or excess area.
  • The applied color should look soft and shiny. The materials used for coloring should be quality products.
  • Check before finishing whether the color flow is uniform throughout the section.

What are the benefits?

  • Hair coloring makes you modern, stylish and young.
  • It makes you unique among a bunch of people.
  • It looks as natural, doesn’t affect the growth of hair. Whereas dyeing makes your hair tone different when you skip a regular touch-up and causes side effects like headaches.
  • The color can be customized based on your skin tone, hair color, and facial features. An expert can refer you to the best color suit for your tone. They will color your hair without disturbing the nature of your hair.
July 2024