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Dota 2 is one of the most intimidating games out there for a new player. The strength of the game, which is the sheer strategic depth, is also the game’s key weakness in being accessible for beginners. If you are getting into Dota 2 for the first time, choosing a hero is going to be one of your most nerve wracking moments. The sheer numbers of heroes on the screen is overwhelming, and you won’t know what most of them do. Here are a few heroes that are friendly for beginners.

Lich Is The Go To Beginner Hero

¬†There are a number of reasons for this. First, Lich is a support hero, which means he does not need to worry about efficiently gaining gold as much as a carry hero. Second, Lich can get a lot done without a lot of complex execution. His sacrifice ability allows him to gain experience from a friendly creep. This not only gives his team a level advantage, but actively denies levels and gold to the enemy team as well. Sacrifice also tops off Lich’s mana, which means that Lich does not need to worry about mana management, which is a major sticking point for new players. While a new player will still find plenty to stress about, playing as Lich is a great way to take some of the difficulty out of your first few Dota matches.

If your team needs a carry, Sniper is a good option. Sniper is very position dependent; the first thing you need to know as a Sniper player is to stay back! However, this hero has a great attack animation, which makes it much easier to score last hits on lane creeps. He also has fewer active abilities than many heroes, which means you have less buttons to deal with. The rule of playing Sniper is to sit way back, get a few items, and then start killing enemies from far enough away that they can’t hit you back. Against better players, Sniper has trouble escaping from danger, but in a game with other new players Sniper should be a pretty solid pick.

Bristleback Good At Baiting Enemies

For an offlane hero, Bristleback is a good solution. This hero specializes in soaking up damage and being difficult to kill. While some of the higher level mind games may be out of your wheelhouse for a while, you will quickly learn to turn your back when enemies start to attack, which reduces the damage you take greatly, avoiding some frustrating deaths. Bristleback is very good at baiting enemies into following him going for a kill, then turning around and killing them with high numbers of quill stacks.

While your first few Dota 2 games will be very stressful, picking these heroes should help take some of the stress off of you. Remember that Dota is just a game, and everyone makes mistakes. As you play more, you will start to learn what you need to watch out for and pay attention to, and it will get easier. Don’t give up, and keep practicing! For detail gaming information click here¬†

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