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To tell you about the top vacation destinations in Costa Rica, I’m going to highlight some of the best things to do. There are all kinds of top attractions to visit, and looking at the most popular places of interest will help you decide where to go while you are in the country. You want to know what cities to visit, and you have to pick your lodging, too. Here are five of the most interesting things to do in Costa Rica.

Proyecto Asis is one of the best places to visit

It is located at Arenal Volcano National Park. While you’re at it, you will certainly want to visit the rest of the national park. It is a top attraction in Costa Rica itself, and so this area of the country will keep you busy for awhile. You can feed the animals, and of course you can imagine that means it is a great place for animal lovers. Plus you might be unfamiliar with the type of animals you are going to get to see, so that makes this stop all the more interesting. Check out the native wildlife of Costa Rica.

La Fortuna Waterfall is a really nice place of interest to visit as well. You get to see nature at its best in Costa Rica. It should be mentioned, however, that you are going to get to sell all kinds of beautiful landscapes in this country. And guess what, La Fortuna Waterfall is also located within the same national park as Proyecto Asis. While checking out the gorgeous waterfall is enough while you are doing other things at the park, there is also a swimming area there as well. It takes a hike to get to the area, but it is worth the trek. Reviews say to take your time and enjoy yourself. Read about Best Costa Rica bird guide.

Pura Aventura is the next place, and it is located in El Guapote in Tamarindo.

There you can take a canopy tour, go horseback riding, and you can also hit up the zipline. People say that the guides are quite fun and make the experience even better. Many of the reviews mention the zipline experience, so you can imagine that it is quite fun. So far, what do you think of the Costa Rican adventures waiting for you?

Cahuita National Park is the last attraction that I wanted to highlight for you, and it is found on Main Street. You are going to find all kinds of wildlife there, and it is said to be a very beautiful trail that you can take. I told you that you are going to get to check out all kinds of beautiful landscapes in Costa Rica.

The attractions mentioned are just the beginning, and you are going to have a wonderful vacation in Costa Rica. Now you just have to decide which cities you are going to visit and where your lodging will be. Try making it to these top places of interest because they are ranked highly for a reason. Read about Costa Rica Focus .

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