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Are English bulldogs expensive to own? If you’re thinking about getting a bulldog, then you definitely want to know the answer to this question. You’ve come to the right place because we’re going to discuss a few costs associated with bulldogs, so you can get an idea of how expensive it is to own one.

The Initial Costs

The initial costs associated with English bulldogs do vary from one owner to another owner, but generally speaking the initial cost can be between $1,000 and $4,000. This might sound a bit expensive, but there are a few reasons why.

For starters, English bulldogs have to be C-sectioned from their mothers and this can easily cost over $1,000 and this is usually why breeders charge a lot for bulldogs. Not only that, but the mother has to make regular visits to the veterinarian office during pregnancy. Furthermore, bulldogs are extremely popular and this means the demand for them is very high.

Ongoing Costs

The initial purchase of an English bulldog is not the only thing that you will have to pay for. There are a number of ongoing costs too. One of the ongoing costs is food and food/water bowls. You can easily spend around $50 per month on food and around $20 bowls. Get Information On Where To Buy English Bulldog Puppies

If you invest in a crate, you can expect to spend around $130 and you will likely spend around $15 per month on toys. Other ongoing costs includes dental products, grooming supplies, leashes, harnesses and puppy shots. Let’s not forget to mention collars and treats, which can cost you around $10-$20 per month.

Do bear in mind the above are just a few things you’ll pay for. Not only that, but if you go for higher-end products, then you will pay more. If you go for lower-quality products, then your costs will be less.

Health Issues And Costs

If your bulldog gets sick, then you’ll want to help them. You’ll need to bring them to the vet. With that said, let’s discuss what some health issues bulldogs may suffer from and how much it could cost to treat them.

Bulldogs tend to be prone to hip dysplasia , which could cost you around $5,000 to have it treated. Other conditions includes cherry eye and allergies, and both can easily cost around $500 or more to treat. Interdigital cysts are quite common in bulldogs, and it forms in the paws.

If your bulldog ends up with these cysts and you bring them to the vet, then you can spend around $500, but there are other options that are cheaper. Generally speaking, the cheaper options are not worth getting. You should only go for such options when you can’t afford anything else.

Now you know how much you can probably expect to spend on owning an English bulldog. It may seem expensive, but they are worth it. If you decide to buy a bulldog, make sure to research breeders. You want to choose a reputable breeder and you want to ask them many questions before making a final decision on whether or not you want to purchase a bulldog from them. Simply visit .

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