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English bulldogs are expensive to breed. They are an incredibly desirable, photogenic pet, but they take skill and time to breed. Around 90 percent of the time, bulldogs require artificial insemination in order to successfully breed, them and the puppies must be delivered by C-section. The average size of the litter is four puppies.

The Average Size Cost

The cost to breed a litter, therefore, can average between $2000 and $4000 – and that is before the time for the breeder is taken into account. If the delivery occurs after hours or during a weekend or a holiday period then the cost could be even greater. The C-section itself can be $500 – $ 750, and the stud service is expensive too. There are also costs for pre-breeding tests, x-rays, scans and other essential medical services.

Once the litter is born, the breeder will need to spend time with the litter and the mother for several days to ensure that the puppy is being fed, and that the puppy is not accidentally hurt by the mother. Litters will need human assistance around the clock for several days.

Cost Of breeder Time

Once that crucial early period is over, the litter will still need ongoing assistance until the puppies are eight weeks old. This costs the breeder time and money.

Most breeders will charge between $2,000 and $3,000 per dog for a pet bulldog, and they will ofer help with the pet, and a list of health issues or care advice that the pet may need. They will keep track of the pup after it is given to you, and will help to ensure that the pet gets the best possible care. Do not buy a discounted English bulldog, especially not if the seller says that you get the discount as long as you breed and give back a litter of puppies. Co-ownership of a dog like this is becoming less popular, and there are many reasons why it is a bad idea to take on the job of breeding – the first of which is that breeding an English bulldog is a harder job than you might think, and that if you don’t know what you are doing you could put the health of the mother and the litter at risk. It is well worth paying to get a dog that comes from the AKC so that you know for sure that it is fit and healthy, and that you are getting a dog that has a known pedigree. The goal of all reputable breeders is to improve the breed and ensure that future litters are fit and healthy and have as few health problems as possible. Breeders that try to cut corners are not helping with this and can cause stress and heartache for the unwitting owners that take on the job of looking after cut price dogs that are not as safe or healthy as the breeder initially promised that they would be. Work with the AKC or BCA to ensure that you get a healthy dog. If you are interested to buy english bulldog online than hurry for best offers.

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