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Muscle strains and sprains can be incredibly painful and can also be rather frustrating, but the good news is that most of the time they will heal if you rest them.

Mild strains can heal within three to six weeks as long as you stop doing the activity that caused the strain. For more serious strains, you may need to take more time off than that – even several months in some cases, but they will heal. Severe cases may require physical therapy, or even surgery in some cases, and it can feel like it will never heal – but if you are patient then it will get better.

Coping With Strains and Sprains

Strains and sprains occur if a muscle is stretched past its normal range of motion, or torqued in an unusual way. When a strain or a sprain happens, the best thing to do is to try to rest for a while. Stop the activity that you were doing, and rest. Apply ice to bring down the swelling, and keep the injured limb elevated throughout the day. Take some time off from the activities that caused the injury. Rest for a couple of days but after that try to stay mobile – doing very light physical therapy to keep the affected body part limber. Avoid the activity that caused the injury until you are sure that your strength is back, but do try to stay active.

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to train too hard on an injury. This can cause a lot of problems, and can lead to people getting re-injured and needing to take even more time off from their chosen sport. Yes, it is frustrating to be stuck not training for a while, but taking time off to fully heal will mean that you get more training done in the long term. Also Know HOW DOES LOWER BACK PAIN AFFECT YOU PSYCHOLOGICALLY

Rehab and Prehab

Muscle strains will eventually heal – with proper rehabilitation. To prevent more strains from happening in the future you should do proper ‘prehab’. This means focusing on things like stretching, warming up properly, and building strength too. You might think that getting strong isn’t all that important – but it actually does matter. If you are stronger, then you will find that you don’t tire as quickly when exercising, and you will therefore be less likely to get injured.

Warming up and cooling down seem boring, but they are both really important things to do. You might get away with not doing them from time to time, but eventually it will catch up with you and you run the risk of serious injury. Take a few extra minutes each workout to make sure that you’re limber, and to ‘cool down’, instead of just stopping exercising. You will feel better for it and you’ll be able to train more often, and for longer, without fear of injury. Whether you’re a college athlete or a weekend warrior, it’s worth training like a pro and taking good care of yourself. Know more about Pain Relief Patch – Luminas.

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